It always makes me cry a little when I hear people talking about “this” or “that” energy drink or supplement. Not because those things don’t work. They do. Just not very well… and for relatively short periods of time.

The supplement companies know this! They see what I see: the moms who struggle just to get a shower in before 3 pm, the dads who struggle to play on the floor with their children at the end of their work day and the couples who struggle to make dinner together or spend time doing something other than watch the newest episodes of the latest shows. Sad, right?

But there is hope! And it won’t cost you a penny!.

Here are 4 things your energy drink CAN’T do that moving your body can:

1. Your energy drink can’t move your energy fields!

Movement in the physical body equals movement in the energy fields in and around you. There is this amazing thing called “The Principle of Reflectivity.” It simply states that whatever change you enact in the unseen world, will have an outward effect in the physical world. And vice versa. I know it seems counter-intuitive to move your body when you are tired, but our ROOT Chakra spins with more energy when we choose to move our bodies. And a spinning ROOT Chakra means we’re drawing in more yummy energy from the Earth. So for the love of your ROOT… Move. Your. Body. And get more energy.

2. Your energy drink can’t draw new resources to you!

Our ROOT Chakra is paired to another amazing system called “Primary Rhythm.” Our Primary Rhythm is what indicates to you that you are “out of sync”. Resetting your movement can be as simple as swaying with a loved one or by yourself. When you tap into the rhythmic pulse of your energy, you’ll know if you should move more quickly (or slowly) to access more energy. And when you get in rhythm with the people and world around you, resources flow in like nobody’s business! So turn on some music and have a dance party!

3. Your energy drink can’t build your CHOICE muscles!

Moving your body gives you access to the power of CHOICE. I don’t know about you, but I love a good protein boost in my smoothie. Think about making intentional and purposeful choices as a metaphysical power boost to your day. Watch and see what your energy does when you choose to move vs. just letting things move into and out of your space. CAUTION: When you actually take action (vs. being acted upon), epic, positive results will occur. Choose to move!

4. Your energy drink can’t provide fulfillment!

Moving your body produces AMAZING hormones and increases brain function. Every time you change your body’s focused movements, a chemical response is triggered. Some of these triggers release hormones that battle stress and depression, inducing more joy and fulfillment. Others strengthen our cardiovascular health and circulation. Moving regularly (especially with regards to dance and music) can reduce stress, increase cognitive processing, and open new neural pathways. Who doesn’t want to be happier AND smarter??

Look, I get it. Finding/getting/having more energy is a struggle. But when we choose into the simplicity of our ener-genetic coding, we can tap into the raw energy that comes from the universe and translate it into something usable… AND sustainable. I think Einstein said it best:

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside of him. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work.”

Let your body work for you.

See your energy change in significant ways.


Love and light,


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