We are so incredibly excited to announce the marriage of Sympathetic Resonance and EnerJourney to create our new home,

The World Tree Institute!

(Really that should be five hundred exclamation points, but I don’t want to accost your eyeballs, lol).

In our recent ventures, LuanaLei, Joe and I ran into several limitations that working as an individual can have. Diluted message, short reach, lack of clarity, and no accountability system. As we shared our concerns and roadblocks with each other, we realized we needed to tap into the magic of collaboration and cooperation, and have since learned that in connecting our visions we gain an exponential power to impact more lives with the positive message of hope, light and change. It’s not just 1 + 1 + 1 = 3.

Connection = Infinity

Here at the Institute, we are thrilled to offer you services beyond mentoring and facilitation. We’re talking classes, group training, corporate services, audio recordings, podcasts and SO. MUCH. MORE.

We invite you to subscribe… OPT-IN for realizing your dreams, brightening your future, and creating lasting change. The kind that makes you do a happy dance just because you’re alive!

You. Matter.

We love you. We understand the challenges that face you as you try to overcome habits, behaviors, thoughts, emotions and energy blockages. Can we tell you a secret?… You’re not alone. Let us help you see the massive potential dormant inside you. Come, awaken your power! A power that is yours to claim because of who you are.

Every WHO matters… staring with you!

Welcome home.