LuanaLei Turetzky is a Master Intuitive Facilitator, Soul Warrior Princess, President & Founder of The World Tree Institute, LLC.

But she didn’t start out this way. She was born in Pocatello, Idaho of all places. And while she was raised by amazingly kind and loving parents, she had a secret that often left her feeling isolated and  alone.

She was born with the ability to see!

Not just this physical world, but the power and majesty of the spiritual world as well.

This ability to observe energy and spirit, fueled her passion to assist those who want to break free from the shroud that clouds their true self vision. Through The World Tree Institute, she has developed unmatched programs that deliver simple and beautiful explanations into the unseen world- including in depth courses and classes on chakras, auras, and intuitive gifts.

Those who choose to learn from LuanaLei discover how connecting wholly is not just a matter of practicality, but in this day and age, a requirement for lasting satisfaction and happiness.


Her Personal Credo:

I am a sage of intuition and energy,

a soul warrior princess and master intuitive facilitator!

Open to God’s light and truth.

Dedicated to loving those who feel spiritually lost and alone.

Kindness is paramount, authenticity required.

Doing hard things every day even though change is scary!!

Building self-love + heaps of forgiveness = Glorious transformation.

Nation Changers and Hope Dealers welcome!