A few weeks ago I was watching Disney’s Hercules, you know the animated one. I was half watching really, being half distracted by a different project. I knew the story already — he sets out to discover who he is, trains to hone his skills, slays different mythical creates, saves people … you know… hero type stuff. Towards the end when the Titans are released and the Cyclops is running amuck I realized something profound. At this point Hercules is a mere mortal, having given up his power to save Meg from Hades. The Cyclops comes looking for him, tearing apart the city, and Hercules, instead of hiding goes out to face the monster. What I realized in this moment is Hercules knew who he was, he was a hero! With or without his power he knew and deeply understood his “who.” He didn’t let his power (or lack thereof) change him. He was a hero and he chose to do the “impossible”.


Who are you? Are you still that person through adversity or success?

Here’s to who we are and letting that guide our lives!