sun mountainWhile the rest of the country seems to be buried in snow, we here in the Mountain West are experiencing a way-too-early Spring with its polarized tendencies. (Anyone noticing your other half acting especially grumpy?) So this weekend, we encourage you to find *your* pace. Here are few things that will renew the restless beast:

1. Take a sunshine bath!

Go outside and stand in the sun for a few minutes and let it warm your body and soul.

2. Breathe in the crisp air.

It’s amazing what a deep breath of fresh air can do to rejuvenate frazzled senses.

3. Express your gratitude.

There are few emotions that help us forget the worries and woes of life. Gratitude trumps them all. (Throw on a dash of love and that is one YUMMY cocktail.)


Have a delicious weekend!!! May the sun find you no matter where you are.