Happy Inspiration Friday!

With Valentine’s Day just hours away, we thought we’d reach out and share a few intentional ways you can show your special someone you care. Don’t dismiss the simple things. They add up to become the weight of your love and affection over time.

LL Love

1. Write a good old fashioned love note.

From a napkin to a store bought card, honest sentiments can be invaluable. And depending on your chosen stationary, can be quite amusing as you re-read your love notes to each other years later.

2. Ask your sweetheart to take a walk with you.

Let’s be honest this weather is amazing! (If you’re in Utah, anyway.) Holding each other’s hands and enjoying the sun will surely add some magic to your day… We also recommend swinging your hands and skipping to really get the heart pumping.

3. Tell a random stranger how in love you are with your partner.

It’s amazing what giddiness can erupt when we hear our lover and best friend tell someone else how awesome we are! This activity is sure to add the pink in your special day… or cheeks…


We love helping people connect and would love to hear some ways you’ll share this special holiday. Jump over to our Facebook page and tell us how you show love to your other half.